There are many ways to publish an ebook, including through a publisher, by creating your own publishing house/brand, or by self-publishing through a service online.

Publishing with a publisher presents the challenge of working around their ideals and already laid out rules and restrictions which might no necessarily work together with your ebook. An interactive Tourist ebook wouldn’t settle well with most publishers who cater towards current trends and most aren’t willing to invest in something that is as new as an interactive ebook. They’re looking for safe investments that they know will sell. Therefore publishing with an already established publisher can be troublesome and may not be the way to go.

Creating you own publishing house and brand can make a tourist based ebook look more professional – it means you’re branded, professional, and the likes. You can make your own rules entirely which can work with you and against you. The only problem with this, is all the hard bits are up to you – like promoting your ebook, getting it listed around the web alongside ebooks on iTunes and amazon, etc etc.

Self publishing on the other hand with companies such as amazon’s CreateSpace/KDP – a company run by amazon that offers the service of self publishing music, books, and DVDs. This method is the middle ground between going through a publisher and creating your own publishing brand. They have their rules, but not as restricted as a publishers, not as free as having your own brand, your work will automatically be listed on on available to anyone using a kindle or any such apps. Your work is partially promoted through the listing meaning the workload is less. The downside, along with being with a publisher, you don’t keep the complete profits and have to split your profits nearly 50-50 with whoever you decide to self publish with. Other suchservices similar to CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing includes Smashwords, ibooks, and


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