Market Research (repost&update)

*PREVIOUSLY WRITTEN* COMPETITION – – tour guide operating in Dunfermline offering tours.

TYPES OF TOURISTS AND THE MARKET – Target Audience – older generations interested in history and heritage, however younger generations who like history might become more involved with the use of technology in the process. Special Interest Tourists (SIT’s)/ Culture Tourists who are looking for Scottish History tours. These people will either be locals looking to learn more about Dunfermline, inbound tourists from overseas, and domestic tourists from Britain. I think this form of tour though should be targeted mainly at the middle age group of Domestic tourists who are interested in both technology and history.

TOURIST PROFILE These types of things are female biased, information from tutor. Based on this it could be aimed at both male and females, but more specifically advertised/aimed towards females. Maybe older couples. 45-55 Location – local/domestic The people have to be confident in the technology, need a smart phone/tablet with 4G, able to walk about if using it as a tour guide type feature for 30-60 mins. Can also be used as an information source and don’t need to be local. Can tie in with Genealogy which is currently a large market in overseas tourists trying to look into their heritage.

EXISTING PRODUCTS – There are ebook existing on Dunfermline history, not necessarily tourist based though –



PRICING – The pricing of these is on average £7. Our ebook would be priced around that if not cheaper. this is an interactive ebook about cats. The method used to produce this can be replicated in a similar way to create our ebook on Dunfermline. The amount of ‘interactive ebooks’ is limited in comparison to regular travel guides. This might be due to lack of interest of lack of people knowing they even exits. this is a similar idea using the characters and world or Sherlock Holmes. I can’t find Interactive EBOOKs for travelers so there’s clearly a gap in the market for these, specifically an area like Dunfermline where there’s a limit in general to reading material, never mind an interactive ebook. The ebook itself could increase tourism if there is media coverage on the subject – an interactive ebook for the area is a new thing that hasn’t been seen many places else. It could revise the way tourism is delivered starting with Dunfermline.


Producing an interactive EBOOK while operating as a business, I think that’d be better done as a sole trader – solely because there are no risks, virtually no losses that you can incur and hence virtually risk free. Meaning there’s only profit to be made. The company could be called something that reflects tourism and technology, so naturally I’d call the company ‘Tourist Tech’ – a company/organization offering a modern approach to tourism firstly through and interactive EBOOK tour through Dunfermline. Maybe something along those lines but for now Tourist Tech works. Or Tourist Tech Tours. Simply, ‘Tech Tours’.

PRODUCT DETAILS –  Although the product would primarily be aimed at domestic tourist, the ebook can have various translation options to open it up to a wider audience that would be open to use it. Languages can be the most common/European which is more likely than not going to be the audiences home countries – so Spanish, German, and French can be included.Translators would need to be hired for this part. The interactive media can include short videos sourced from a variety of places with permission of the copyright holders of course. Music can optionally be played throughout the ebook reading experience, an option for audio book function to read to you as you tour, etc etc.


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