EBOOkKs are the digital version of an book – ranging from collections of poetry to novels to novellas-. These work in a similar way to regular books – you can read page by page in full length and are similar to a webpage in how they’ve been created. They’re usually cheaper than new paperbacks and are arguable better for the environment – but also arguably the opposite with their power consumption (although not a lot) is still more than a paperback which can be recycled.

Formats include .EPUB, kindle,

The interfaces are also customization to user preferences – changing background color, fonts, font size, etc.  The layout can also be altered to suit user preference. This can make ebooks user friendly, suitable for a lot of different people without releasing different version of the book.

EBOOKs are released normally through publishers in addition to paperbacks but it’s becoming increasingly popular to release EBOOKs as a self-published author through services such as Smashwords, KDP, lulu, and createspace while doing your own promoting.

The advantages of EBOOKs is the incorporation of other media that otherwise wouldn’t be utilized in paperbacks such as sound and video.

The disadvantage is that some people are uncomfortable with EBOOKs as they’re so used a physical novels – the smell of the pages, the feeling, turning a page one by one, breaking the spine – all of which can’t be done or replicated with an EBOOK.


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