Dunfermline Heritage Trail EBOOK

Dunfermline is an town in Scotland with the potential to reel in many more tourists than it already does on a yearly basis. It features multiple museums and attractions such as the Carnegie Birthplace Museum, Abott House, Dunfermline Abbey, St. Margarets Cave, and Pittencrief House Museum.

There’s a gap in the market to sell an interactive EBOOK to tourists acting as a tour guide that taps into your location. This sort of EBOOK as far as my research goes isn’t available anywhere in the market for Dunfermline and the closest thing would be a physical tour guide such as those offered here – http://www.discoverdunfermline.com/

This gap in the market gives way to selling towards potential tourists in Dunfermline and upgrading tourist experiences in and around the town.

The EBOOK could feature app like function such as location triggered contents that give visual and written information about said location in Dunfermline. It could work like an interactive map while offering an array of informative pieces about the key areas and Dunfermline in general.


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