Graphics Design Planning

Graphics Design


-Research about the topic of your poster. If it’s a poster for the college, then you’d research ‘learning’ symbolism – imagery that can represent learning without directly expressing that in words. If it’s a poster for a specific topic within education in the college, then imagery that reflect that – media could involve computers, art supplies, splashes of colour, etc. Also colours that emphasise a learning atmosphere into posters.

-After that, researching pre-existing posters that are related to your topic would help when deciding on suitable composition and styles for your poster. These styles can vary when going topic to topic so it’s an important stage. Simplistic styles are popular right now, but not always something that would effectively apply to your poster. Typography should also be researched before beginning to design the poster.


-Initial sketches are a good idea to save time later when developing your idea on the screen. This allows experimentation with the composition and styles researched before in a sketch book which provides proof of your research. When sketching, a final few ideas and designs should be finalised before you begin to create your poster. Developing your idea on paper can be quicker than creating the ideas on screen without initial planning. These initial stages of development can touch in the colours (the amount of colours, contrasting, blending) in conjunction with typography, or with the imagery used, or the style in general. This can be repeated several times to create a large developed base to start off when moving onto a digital platform.

-On the computer these ideas should begin to come to life on screen. You can stray from the plan but not so much so that the link between the two are no longer distinguishable. This shows a sense of development in your poster from your initial idea to the final poster through experimentation that isn’t always related to your research and more your own personal touches as the designer.


-Evaluation of your idea should be reflective of the final product and if it’s suitable for the target audience you selected at the beginning, also if it’s suitable in general for the topic of the poster. This can be done through comparison of your research examples to your final design.

-Evaluation of the development of you ideas can be done by comparing initial ideas to the final product – the development is important because it shows the research and touches put in to move your idea from initial A to final B.


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