TWO Mix – Loops, Panning, and Multiple Tracks. (with compression and such)

I added three tracks that consisted of different instruments –

The first, was a track with an Oboe. Second, trumpets. Third, is supposed to be a horn. I chose them because they both were in the classical category and with similar timings.

I looped the first few, but the second I faded into each each as they duplicated to help it flow.

I then played with the volume by adding key frames and fading it gradually out on either end of the track. I faded the volume at certain parts of the track so the other instruments could come through at that specific time by also making them louder, as I wanted the third and final track to be subtle and not clash with the others but also wanted it to be fully heard at some parts.

I panned some parts of the track while others panned in other direction, as well as panning entire tracks at once.


I panned the oboe slightly left every 3 seconds to let the horn through which is considerably quieter. I also lowered the volume (which can be seen on the blue line on the first track) at certain points to help this too at a similar pace. Seen above)

I have the middle track as a whole panned l60, while the first and third r60.

SECOND MIX (with compression and such added to the mixed down wav file from before)

I used the R&B sounds for this one hence the title.



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