Sector Research


The four sectors I will identify and describe are –

—-Publishing – this sector published in a variety of forms:

-books publishing

-software publishing

-newspaper & magazine publishing.

—-Product, graphics, and fashion.

-product design

-graphics designer

—-Film, TV, and Radio.




-set manager


-project manager

-CAD manager

-Town Planner


In publishing, you have to be aware of copyright, design, and patents, 1998. The publishing industry cannot publish and/or distribute material they do not hold the copyright to – e.g., publishing a novel without the permission of the author.

Two agencies that assist the sector –

- – because they distribute and publish authors worldwide in store and online.

- – also publish and distribute among other things, the main difference from the latter being their work with self-publishing authors.

in the publishing sector, many people are employed to sit at a computer and do things such as marketing research, editing, graphics design, etc. As a health & safety aspect, these employees should make sure their workspace is suitable for them to prevent any harm to themselves while working. This is a health and safety issue.

law that will effect those in the publishing industry and they have to be aware of is the copyright, design, and patents act. This automatically protects work by certain individuals from the date it was published for seventy years after the publishing date online, or seventy years after the death of the copyright holder. In publishing, in a publishing house for example, they have to be aware of who holds the copyright to the writing and the images they publish in their novels.

Publishing is worth 18.5 billion and employs 141,000 individuals in the UK


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