What makes a genre?

Comedy –

In comedy, the movie consists of cheery music as part of its soundtrack, the lighting is bright and the narrative is comedic in nature and often also happy. The intention of a comedy is to make the audience laugh, and these components work towards doing that. The dialogue used is comedic in nature usually with jokes. The visual effects vary movie to movie as the genre has such a wide spectrum. Usually fast paced to keep the energy of the movie going and keep the viewers interested.

Horror –

Horror intends to make viewers scared. They do this through dark lighting which adds tension to the scene as the viewer doesn’t know what to expect. The music is tense, quiet sound choices. Finally, horror uses visuals to their advantage by using close up camera shots and sudden jumping of objects aided by the music choice. The dialogue is usually little to none in this genre as viewers are often not as interested in the plot as they are the scare-factor. The characters vary as well – from families to a group of teens friends – however these are the most common. Often fast and slow paced at different parts to add emphasis to different scenes – the ‘scare’ scenes will be slow paced to add tension, however the parts that only add to the plot will be fast to get to the main horror of the story.

Childrens –

A genre designed to appeal to kids. The sounds and music will often be child friendly. The visuals will be bright and consists of little to no violence. The lighting is bright to add emphasis to the bright atmosphere. The dialogue and character development can vary depending on the topic of the movie, but they remain child friendly and wont tackle too heavy subjects and only stuff relatable to the subjects of their audience. These movies will not be too fast paced but not slow either – often because the plots wouldn’t have much use with either pace. A mark in between, because they don’t linger on details to keeps the audience interested, but they’re not fast as to not confuse their viewers. Simplistic in nature.


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