Web Page Text Plan


“Welcome to my webpage. I intend to use these pages as a way to showcase the work done in block one of Creative Industries which includes Graphic Design, Photography Work, and Stop Motions. I also include a page about my skills and qualifications.

The graphics page will include the logo and poster created for Scotia Air and a bit about the process involved.

Photography will showcase the images taken for classes, mainly Still Images.

Stop Motion has an embedded video player of the stop motion created and uploaded to Youtube. Written is a brief description of the process and steps taken to create the stop motion itself.

My Skills & Qualifications will show the qualifications achieved in schools as well as things I find I’m personally best at.

Take a look at my college blog here!


“We created this logo as part of our Graphic Design class. The task was to create a logo & poster for the company Scotia Air. We had to do a lot of research and such to know exactly what it was a company like this would want, as well as market research to know what the target audience would want as well. I had to consider the different audiences and what they would like, such as family – colours, rounded objects, blends – then business – clean shapes and precise edges, simplistic, and bold. I designed this logo with business class in mind, which led me to use minimalistic forms and colours keeping everything sharp and basic which I’d found during my research stage to be suitable. A lot of my market research was based on Apple and how they advertise as it’s a prime example of simplistic advertising and ties in with business with new age technology.

Once the logo had been designed, we had to design a poster to go with the logo. The process was similar to the last – I had to use the research from the last task about target markets in conjunction with more research centred around posters rather than logos. These posters mostly came from apple like the last, which allowed me to come to the decision to reuse the clean cut, simplistic idea I’d used in the last – this gives my poster consistency in my design and allows for a recognisable feature to be established that consumers will recognise as a design ‘like’ or ‘is’ Scotia Airs. The way the design worked out allows the use of more than just the colour blue and can be varied depending on the ad topic. The outcome was this”


“Photography work from my Still Images class”


“My stop motion was created in a group with Leigh Tilley. We didn’t want to come up with something too hard to do, and came up with the idea to use paper in our stop motion – something we could easily get and work with. We taken 400 odd photographs and then individually put together our own stop motion with sound effects the next lesson. We wrote about the steps taken in more detail on our blogs. Find my blog here!


“My skills and qualification include 2 highers in Computing and Product Design, along with several credit standard grades. I’m currently studying NC Creative Industries.”


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