A lossy file format is when certain qualities of an image is lost due to compression when being saved – jpg is a heavily compressed image file format which cause loss when saved as such. Pixels are reduced and the colour depth is reduced. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it means the image won’t take up much room and load much faster on browsers, which is why JPG is a common file format for images on the web.

When saving for the web you need to save it using the settings in photoshop – or a package similar – called ‘save for web’ which can compress the image further than average standards of compression so it loads faster on a webpage.

Go to ‘file’ on photoshop – or a package similar – then scroll down that menu and click ‘save for web’. A menu will appear with different saving options. You want to select ‘

There are various optimized image settings to save as –







JPEG is suitable for images. If we’re saving an image and select JPEG options to save as ‘high’, ‘medium’, and ‘low’ appear. These are to do with how much the file is compressed, reducing the colour depth, etc etc. Selecting low would be the most compressed you can have it and most probably make the image blurry. Most images saved for web are saved with the medium setting.


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