Stop Motion – Evaluation

I was in a group with Leigh Tilley. We both came up with the idea to create an arcade themed Stop Motion.

Initially we brainstormed – wrote down several ideas which can be seen on my blog.

We then chose the best idea and further developed it, which can also be seen on my blog.

We created a background from paper and several other pieces from paper. Using a tripod and camera facing the paper we began taking photos step by step and in the end had about 450 photos.

We then went off on our own as instructed and began to put the photos together with a soundtrack featuring sound from the website

Once finished, the stop motion was then uploaded to youtube.

What went well, in my opinion, was the soundtrack. It fits the theme well and goes along with the stop motion as it should.

What gave us problems was taking photos itself – mainly keeping the camera still on the tripod – it moved around more than it probably should have, but we coped.

Next time we would try and take better photos of the stop motion and perhaps make more frames to make it more fluid

As a group, we worked fairly well. We came across some trouble with conflicting opinions but that was easily overcome. I’m not keen on group working but I got over it well. Our group working went well.

Through these projects I have learned how to use Premier Pro and touched on Audition.


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