Web Design – The Good

Good web design will usually be followed by a clear and obvious layout, contrasting colours, usability, purpose, and a clear, easy navigation.

Websites I think use this well are

A- http://www.wattpad.com/

B- http://smtown.com/

A- Wattpad.com is a user submitted ebook website – when you first open the page you’re hit with an image showing exactly so, prompted to log in or create an account, and a small tagline to accompany the page reading ‘Discover a world of free stories. Read, write, and share on wattpad’. The page fits the screen perfectly horizontally, and the scroll bar rolls vertically. Scrolling down to the bottom just a little it shows a small bar at the end with additional information pages such as ‘about’ and ‘terms of conditions’ – not vital pages, but there available if seeked out.

The graphics you see don’t jump out in too harsh a contrast and blend well together by using colour schemes that work well together such as oranges, yellows, whites, and grey.


Depending on if you log in or not, you’ll be met with different pages.


Logging in takes you to the newsfeed page,without logging in takes you to a page showing the various updated stories on wattpad. This is good because the site can be used in various forms as either a user who submits work, or a user who reads it and doesn’t actually need an account. The colours on either consist of a bright orange colour and white. The corners of the boxes around the site are rounded and not too sudden. Areas on the sites for different uses are sectioned off and not clashing with any others – a shadow has been dropped on each of the sections and adds depth, further separating the sections.

The text on the site is readable, simple, and all the same font providing consistency throughout. The colour is a dark grey, close to black. Black would probably be too strong, so the lighter colour works better.All text had been aligned the right way and use colours that match each other.

If you however over the ‘discover’ area of the site a drop down menu appears with everything else you’d need to navigate the site. A search bar is to the right and in the drop down menu there’s various genres, tags, and categories. These would all work together in aiding a user -new or not- to finding what they came to look for.


What I like about the site and how I think it works well is the use of drop down menus that appear from hovering over the tab. These stop the site from being overloaded with buttons to click, and instead hide them in associates tabs. These extra links inside these tabs also provide extra easier forms of navigation to take you directly to something, rather than perhaps having to go through several pages to get to that area of a site.


The simplicity of the site works well, as it appears easy to use and less daunting for new users. Colours make the right areas stand out, not too complex in colours. Simple font. The site is sectioned off well. In depth categories and buttons.

B- SM Town is a record label. The purpose of the site is to showcase different acts and also the opportunities for the general public to get involved.


immediately when you open this site you are shown a reel of the different artists and news on-screen respectively for about 5 seconds before moving onto the next. This site, unlike the last, looks a little more complex because of the fancier things it has going on – the moving image reel –


the main bar at the top has a half and half opacity, and the bar isn’t symmetrical. It isn’t bad, however, as all the tabs you’ll need for this – considerably smaller – site are at the top. Just a few of these read ‘auditions’, ‘artists’, and ‘fanclub’ – all of these also have a drop down menu appear if you hover over them.

The test is also formatted consistently, and the use of the same font throughout as well as similar colour.


The colours used are mainly pink, white, and black. These all work well together using blending and also contrast where needed.

A search bar, as well as all the vital tabs are placed at the top. Down the very bottom there’s also an area for other unimportant tabs and sister sites.


Overall this website, unlike the last, is good in a different sense. It’s more complex, and look a little more impressive. It also gets it message across alright and despite looking a little more complex, the navigation of the site is straight forward with all the tools being on the front page. The graphics are consistent with quality and size where appropriate.


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