Web Design – The Bad

Bad websites usually consist of an overload in images, colour, and text, Navigation is limited to non-existent, and there’s too much stuff going on in the page.



Starting off with A, this website is, as the name would suggest, the worst website ever. There is absolutely no menu bar at the top of the page and instead everything is crammed into the one page – not that this site would have a use for a bar, as it’s purpose is… to serve as the worst website ever. The website is crammed with random images and an explosion of colours. There’s random gifs that serve no purpose.


A mix of fonts and colours as shown above. the star gifs on either side instead of being symmetrical are both different sizes – this isn’t any good for a website if the graphics are off and random sizes.

There are annoying HTML marquees, images go from being blurred to having unnecessary effects –


If you look closer, the background image is tiled and not stretched which would suggest the original image wasn’t actually big enough – they should have looked for an image that would have tiled effectively or a large image that would stretch across entire page.


The little text there is on the site is filled with errors and informal language, and the formatting is boring and inconsistent Some areas are different fonts, different colours, aligned left and aligned right.

Overall, this earns its title as the worlds worst website ever because of its lack of organisation, it appears random, confusing, no solid purpose, informal, too complex, no color scheme, font galore, excessive use of gifs, because there’s a horizontal scroll bar, poor consistency in text formatting, and random sized graphics.

B- This UFO website, much like the last, you’re not sure where to start reading or where to look. There’s so much stuff that hits you when you arrive.


The is no navigation bar at the top, nor a search bar. Everything for this site appears to be just on the one page and the page goes on forever.


There is no consistency in the site. There’s an overload in small alien gifs of varying sizes that don’t serve much purpose. Too many things are flashing at you on the website, too many things moving. The text is all rather small and too close to each other so it looks like it’s overloaded with information.

The images that are on the site are blurry and low quality. All the links on the site lead off to other websites, rather than other parts of their own site.


Users will find it hard to determine the actual purpose of the site.

Overall this site is too busy – there are so many things going on, too much text to read, and the text is too inconsistent – different colours, fonts, and sizes. The Images on the page itself are blurred, stretched. There’s an overuse of gifs and effects.

The graphics & images aren’t formatted nor laid out properly due to the reasons above on both websites, making the website a mess, jumbled, and lacking comprehensibility.


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