Stop Motion Ideas

These ideas should probably involve paper and pencils, rather than anything too hard or something that needs a lot of props. Based more around drawings coming to life. 30 seconds at the least

Idea 1 –

A whiteboard with a city scene is attacked by a human hand, wiping out people and parts of their buildings. Maybe as if in a game these buildings regenerate as do the people, and there could be a life bar at the top that goes down until finally the hand beats the board. Ends with the hand balled in victory. Arcade game type thing. Could get a joystick and other things as props.

Idea 2 –

Similar idea but with paper cut outs blue tacked to a wall.

idea 3 –

On a blank page a butterfly is drawn piece by piece and it begins to spring to life. As it moves around the page it spreads color until there’s a full scene that’s moving. Maybe too hard to do and a bit ambitious?

idea 4 –

thumb war type idea? The hands Enter the shot with different things drawn on them (faces, clothes, etc), then have a bit of a thumb war with the faces on the hands changing.

idea 5 –

Draw up objects on paper, scan them into computer, and then put it together to form a game machine type idea including a game machine frame, a life bar, menus, etc. The character is given tasks and is killed during them and loses a life.


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