Stop Animation

Videos typically use 40 odd frames per second, however stop animation uses less, giving it a static-y, and unnatural effect.

Stop Animation

The stop animation above uses a string of photos in sequence typical of stop animation.

The animation displays a kitchen – showing typical going-ons such as cutting objects and boiling water, but replacing the common objects with look-alikes instead, eg. instead of cheese, they’re using a block of yellow sticky notes, and the boiling water looks similar to bubble wrap.

Stop Animation

The stop animation above also uses a string of photos, but looks considerably less per second than the one above, and rather photographs of a living environment, they’ve used papers and other small objects to their aid to create the video such as; candy corn, coins, and old small boxes to create a sequence resembling a firework display.

Stop Animation

This stop animation is from an advert for the company Coinstar – it shows a home and coins emerging from areas such as pockets, the couch, and other areas coins might be lost. It shows the coins coming together to build up on one another to form a shoe.


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